YellaWood Shoots Amazing Back Yards


In aspirational, "category sell" advertising breaking this month, Great Southern Wood Preserving, Inc., Abbeville, Ala., gives upscale homeowners something to think about. The two TV?and online :30s are by advertising agency Brunner, Atlanta.

In the first, "Treehouse," VO states, "The Egyptians had their pyramids. The Mayans, their temples. And the Nesbitts, their treehouse." In the second, "Pergola," it's "When the hanging gardens of Babylon were built, it was the most beautiful sanctuary known to man. Something that's now up for debate, thanks to the McFarlands." In both, the only mention of the product, Yellawood pressure treated lumber, comes in the 4-second closing, "If it doesn't have this yella tag, you don't want it."

"Treehouse" was shot at Airbnb's most popular listing, worldwide, Peter Bahouth's home in Atlanta's Buckhead neighborhood . "Pergola" was constructed specifically for the commercial. (Sadly, the 10' x 25' hanging garden was dismantled after.)

Creative credits go to chief creative officer Rob Schapiro and to director Anthony Garth of production co., Seed Media Arts, Chicago

Great Southern Wood Preserving, founded in 1970, has plants in 11 states, and serves
customers in 27, plus D.C., Latin America and the Caribbean.

Brunner is a full-service advertising agency with offices in Pittsburgh and Atlanta. Clients include YellaWood, Huffy, Mars, Owens-Corning, Mitsubishi Electric, Compact Power, Knouse Foods and Field &?Stream.

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