FusionHealth Co-Founder Dr. Jeffrey Durmer Speaks on the Impact of Sleep Deprivation in the Workplace to Rotary Club of Atlanta


Durmer declares sleep health the next pandemic “public health issue”

Neurologist and sleep medicine physician Dr. Jeffrey Durmer of FusionHealth joined Director of Benefits Katie Kirkland of Southern Company, Manager of Health and Wellbeing Jae Kullar of Delta Air Lines, and Director of Safety Karla Staver of SAIA LTL Freight in a panel discussion on the impact of sleep deprivation in the workplace moderated by Atlanta Journal-Constitution Editor Kevin Riley.

Durmer called upon Atlanta business leaders to lead the next wave of employee healthcare – sleep health. Citing extensive research, Durmer tallied the many effects of sleep deprivation including obesity, hypertension, diabetes, anxiety, depression and accidents. FusionHealth has made it their mission to partner with businesses to design and implement tailored programs that eliminate these negative impacts, thus creating a more productive, energized and safe work environment.

“Medical schools only spend an average of two hours teaching the science and clinical aspects of sleep,” said Durmer. “Imagine if we only spent two hours on the heart.” Over the past decade, FusionHealth has developed innovative technology-enabled sleep healthcare solutions that not only resolve the root causes for sleep loss, but also eliminates the financial waste associated with the typical fee-for-service healthcare system.

Members of the Rotary Club of Atlanta listened attentively to the testimonies of Katie Kirkland and Karla Staver, as they discussed the significant difference that FusionHealth has made on their employees.  They noted that their employees seemed happier and more well-rested, which directly impacted productivity, quality of work, and the safety of employees at work and at home.

In the coming weeks, FusionHealth will be working closely with its partners, Southern Company, Delta Air Lines, and SAIA LTL Freight to provide company-wide sleep wellness programs on a larger scale than ever before. Dr. Durmer strongly believes that by encouraging businesses to take the reins on sleep health, a deeper, longer lasting impact will be achieved across the American culture and felt in the U.S. economy.

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