Piedmont Fayette Wellness Center to be Featured at Pinewood Forrest


One mile separates Piedmont Fayette Hospital from Pinewood Forrest, but the two entities are even closer in their philosophies. Pinewood Forrest is a community like no other where the unique environment inspires everyone to be the best version of themselves. Piedmont Fayette, at the center of community health and wellness, purposes to make a positive difference in every life they touch. Piedmont Fayette, Pace Lynch Corporation and Pinewood Forrest are teaming up to launch an innovative, medically integrated wellness center in the heart of the Pinewood Forrest community with the announcement of the Piedmont Fayette Wellness Center at Pinewood Forrest.

“A wellness center is different from a gym or a fitness center because it offers programs that are tracked and overseen by medical professionals,” said Michael Burnett, Piedmont Fayette’s Chief Executive Officer. “The environment offers clinical integration so that physical therapists and exercise physiologists share common space. You can have people taking a hot yoga class in one studio, while someone is working with a therapist on rehabbing a shoulder injury in another area. In other areas, athletes can be optimizing their training while others swim laps in the pool or participate in therapeutic lifestyle programs, disease management or prevention fitness programs.”

The 60,000 square foot, two-story facility will create a culture of health and wellness, supporting the healthy lifestyle goals of the community and acting as a bridge between medical care and wellness. Piedmont Fayette understands that “mobility is medicine” and people who are active and healthy tend not to have the chronic health conditions that can bring about even more serious medical issues. A wellness center is a facility focused on providing preventive medicine solutions.

In addition to the six-lane lap pool and therapy pool, there will be multiple fitness studios, an active gaming component, a spin room and 18,000 square feet of fitness space on two floors. Another pinnacle feature is the licensed D1 Sports Training program, the first in the state of Georgia, offering specific sports training for athletes from youth to professional level with dedicated space for indoor and outdoor fitness training.The Wellness Center will engage with the outdoors outside a wall of glass, connecting with a central park, open air elevated exercise platform, activity lawns, and over 15 miles of integrated trail and path systems that meander throughout the community and nature preserve areas.

“This will be the first time that Piedmont has integrated a health and wellness location within a residential community,” said Burnett. “We believe this innovative facility will not only be a gold standard fitness facility for people of all ages and abilities, but will also be the best way to deliver preventive medicine and healthcare solutions for a community focused on wellness and living better.”

“Wellness is a key cornerstone of our community philosophy and having the Piedmont Fayette Wellness Center in the heart of Village Square illustrates our commitment,” said Rob Parker, President of Pinewood Forrest. “We are excited about this special partnership with Piedmont Fayette as we collectively push forward on new and innovative ways to promote wellness to our residents and guests alike.”

“As a longtime owner and developer of medical office real estate, we are honored to be part of this innovative team of industry leaders to deliver an exceptional facility that embodies the collective vision of Piedmont and Pinewood Forrest,” said Jason Pace, Principal of Pace Lynch Corp. “Working alongside co-developer Jim Pace, design firm Perkins + Will, and Piedmont program manager, BDR Partners, we are confident this facility will set a new benchmark for success in the industry.”

Memberships to the Piedmont Fayette Wellness Center at Pinewood Forrest will be open to the public with access to the outpatient rehab/healthcare services by appointment. Although details are not final, Pinewood Forrest anticipates bundling a membership to the wellness center with a home purchase.

About Piedmont Fayette Hospital:

Serving Fayette County and surrounding communities, Piedmont Fayette Hospital is a 221-bed acute care facility that combines clinical excellence with high quality, patient-centered care. Piedmont Fayette offers 24-hour emergency services, medical and surgical services, and obstetrics/women’s services. From leading edge medical technology in robotic surgery, digital imaging, diagnostics, rehabilitation, cardiovascular services, and hyperbaric medicine/wound care services to its state-of-the-art comprehensive Cancer Center and the Suites at Fayette, Piedmont Fayette is committed to making a positive difference in every life they touch.

About Pinewood Forrest:

Pinewood Forrest is a 234-acre master planned residential and mixed-use development located in south metro Atlanta, Georgia, adjacent to Pinewood Atlanta Studios. Envisioned as a haven for storytellers and creatives, the new urbanist community is a contemporary concept in suburban living. The Pinewood Forrest development team is led by Fayetteville native and Chick-fil-A CEO Dan T. Cathy. Partners in the project include town & residential planner Lew Oliver Inc., developer Pace Lynch Corporation, multi-family developer Capstone, Nequette Architecture & Design, hotel operator Hay Creek Hotels, residential marketing firm Ansley Atlanta Real Estate, interior design firm Dana Lynch Design, and a Builders Guild comprised of four premier home builders in the Atlanta area. www.PinewoodForrest.com

About Pace Lynch Corporation:

Founded by principals Bill Lynch and Jason Pace, Pace Lynch provides best-in-class real estate development and commercial real estate services throughout Metro Atlanta and beyond. Located in South Metro Atlanta, Pace Lynch is a boutique real estate firm with 80+ years of team experience and a deep devotion to creating remarkable real estate solutions and leading edge project vision. www.pacelynch.com

Q: What is the Piedmont Fayette Wellness Center at Pinewood Forrest?

A: The Piedmont Fayette Wellness Center at Pinewood Forrest is designed to push the forefront of wellness and preventive medicine solutions as we know them today, combining a state-of-the art fitness and sports training facility with access to nutritional counseling and outpatient rehab services, bringing access to care right into the community enabling and supporting healthy lifestyles and fitness goals. We believe this center is how communities will approach wellness in the future.

Q: How is a wellness center different from a traditional gym or fitness center?

A: Fitness equipment and exercise classes are just one element of our approach to wellness.Our Wellness Center offers programs that are tracked and overseen by medical professionals. They are focused on transferring patients from healthcare to wellness by introducing healthy lifestyle factors and exercise programs that create a culture of health and wellness. Our Wellness Center is designed to offer a bridge for continued medical care and provide support for managing a medical condition.

Q: What led Pinewood Forrest to include a wellness center in plans for the community?

A: Wellness is central to the ethos of Pinewood Forrest, from sustainably designed structures, to a preservation of 118 acres of public realm green space, over 15 miles of trails and path systems, and intentional design to encourage interaction with neighbors and community. With a focus on promoting healthy lifestyles amongst residents and guests, placing the Wellness Center at the center of the community was a natural fit within Pinewood Forrest .

Q: What are some of the special features planned for the Piedmont Fayette Wellness Center at Pinewood Forrest?

A: It will feature a 60,000 square foot aquatic and therapy pool, five fitness studios, including an active gaming component, 18,000 square feet of fitness space on two floors, a licensed D1 training center offering sports training for athletes of all generations, and space for indoor and outdoor fitness classes.The design is open, with two-story spaces and floor-to-ceiling glass walls for inspiring views overlooking The Grove that bring the outdoors into the facility.It will also include convenient access to outpatient physical rehabilitation services, medically integrated fitness and nutrition support and occupational therapy.

Q: What is medically integrated fitness?
A:Medically integrated fitness is focused on preventing disease and promoting good health. The best way to do this is through exercise and proper nutrition. The Piedmont Fayette Wellness Center at Pinewood Forrest focuses on the health and wellness of its members, offering programs that are individualized to each person’s needs.

Q: When do you expect to break ground on the facility?

A: Early 2018.

Q: When will the facility open?

A: We expect the Piedmont Fayette Wellness Center at Pinewood Forrest to open in November 2019.

Q: What is the relationship between the wellness center and D1 Sports Training?

A: D1 offers specific sports training for athletes from youth to professional level with dedicated space for indoor and outdoor fitness training. The wellness center will be the first D1 location in Georgia and members will have access to small-group personal training classes with an athletic focused philosophy.

Q: Who will have access to use the wellness center and healthcare services?

A: The Piedmont Fayette Wellness Center is open to the public.Pinewood Forrest residents and other area neighbors and guests will have access to The Piedmont Fayette Wellness Center at Pinewood Forrest with a membership.

Q: Will there be a special relationship between Piedmont and Pinewood Forrest residents or resident-only events or offers?

A: Although details are not final, Pinewood Forrest anticipates bundling a membership to the Wellness Center with a home purchase.

Q: How are Pinewood Forrest and Piedmont working together to design and bring this project to residents? Does Pinewood Forrest have an active role in helping select features and amenities that will be meaningful to residents?

A: The two organizations, along with developer Pace Lynch Corporation, have deeply collaborated during the planning of this facility since 2015. The resulting design will offer a state-of-the-art medically integrated facility that aligns with the goals and desires of the Pinewood Forrest community.

Q: Will this be the first time Piedmont has built a facility like this in a residential community? Is there a precedent for this?

A: This is the first time Piedmont has integrated a wellness location in a residential community. This is not only new territory for Piedmont, but it is at the forefront of emerging ideas for how to deliver better, more convenient preventive medicine and healthcare solutions. 

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